Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gluten Free, Sugar Free Blueberry Pie experiment

Today is my last day interning at E! Entertainment in Los Angeles. My supervisors and the other interns have seriously been so amazing and inspiring during my time here and thanks to that, I leave a more mature, ambitious and driven person. And more than that, I have a goal. And so help me, I'm never letting go of my dreams. They WILL become a reality.

So naturally, I wanted to thank them in the proper foodie fashion, by baking them some goodies! I had a frozen gluten free pie crust in my freezer at home and a bag full of frozen blueberries I needed to get rid of, so I looked up a blueberry pie recipe.

Naturally, the recipe's main ingredients were corn starch and sugar. So I substituted arrowroot starch and agave nectar into the recipe and voila! Out came a gorgeous, and delicious, blueberry pie.

I took it to work hoping people would like it. Once you've cut certain things out of your diet, you get used to the substitutes so you never know what other people will think of the things you eat.

Luckily, everyone loved it! Like, beyond loved it! I'm so proud of myself and it gives me an extra push knowing that I may be able to change people's eating habits if they realize that there are perfectly good substitutes right at their fingertips!

Unfortunately, my camera died so I couldn't get a picture of the finished product. But its cool cause I'm actually going to hold off on sharing the recipe. First of all, the crust is made with milk and eggs, and my slice of pie did not make my stomach too happy. Therefore, I need to learn to make my own pie crust. Also, my favorite dessert as a kid was my mom's blueberry cream pie, so I'm going to change this recipe from plain old blueberry pie to wheat free, vegan, sugar free blueberry cream pie. I promise you, that creation will be a masterpiece. So hold your horses on that recipe, I promise what I'll give you will be even better than what I gave them!

Thanks for reading, and Live Free!


  1. One thing for the pie crust that you might want to look into - dried fruit (dates, apricots, etc), almond meal, and a tiny bit of coconut oil. Check out this site for some ideas:

  2. thanks girl! sounds delicious, I'll definitely be checking that out!

  3. Your pie sounds great--and I am REALLY looking forward to the veganized recipe! :) Glad to see you're doing so well with the food restrictions (and those raw patisseries in the next post--droooool!)