Sunday, February 28, 2010

RA Sushi

I road tripped with some girlfriends to Phoenix this weekend to visit family, it was really fun! Eating, however, was difficult as usual. We stopped in Blythe, California on the way there at Quiznos and I can't even tell you how rude the worker was to me when I asked what was in Honey Mustard salad dressing. I ended up having to eat plain black beans and chicken at a Mexican place, and the lady there was largely unhelpful as well. We also ate at On The Border and Applebee's, overall, they were both good about it, but there were some things they couldn't help me with, which is always frustrating.

But thankfully, my dining experience in Phoenix wasn't completely unpleasant. My aunt took me to a sushi place in Gilbert called "RA Sushi". Sushi is usually ok as long as there aren't any extra sauces or anything, but I never know how helpful the staff will be when serving me. Our waitress was incredible. I told her my allergies and she basically picked out something for me based on what I could eat, making sure everything was allergy free even down to the sauces. I had edamame (my favorite!), a salad with this incredible garlic dressing, and their "Lobster Roll", which consisted of lobster, avocado, and tuna topped with shrimp and served with a dairy free asian pesto sauce. All of it was absolutely delicious! The best part was, at the end of the meal, the waitress made a point to ask me how everything was and tell me that all the RA staff was equally as knowledgeable as she was about allergies and would be more than willing to help me next time. I was so impressed! I'm definitely making a point to visit RA again next time I'm in Phoenix!!

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