Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Real Food Daily

I'm hooked.

My friend Stevens and I went to the West Hollywood location of Real Food Daily tonight for dinner. Its a restaurant that serves organic vegan food. They have gluten free vegan tacos, pizza, enchiladas, burgers, and so much more. Because of my other allergies, like corn and tomatoes, there were still quite a few things I couldn't eat, but the staff was so knowledgeable and helpful and I was able to find something that would cater to my needs.

I ordered their Tempeh Reuben, which is made with rye bread (whcih I didn't know was wheat free, but apparently is! It isn't gluten free though...), tempeh, sauerkraut and vegan thousand island dressing. Wow. I think its the best restaurant-made allergy free meal I've had yet. I will definitely be returning. Not to mention the ambience of the place is so peaceful and calming. I have nothing but good things to say, and I can't wait to try more meals!

Check out menu and locations at www.realfood.com


  1. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, and for reading! Congrats on starting your own--welcome to the blog world! (It is highly addictive--sort of like some of those allergenic foods!) ;)

    Allergies and food restrictions aren't fun, but it's come to the point for me where it's a challenge to create and re-create yummy recipes without any of the foods I can't eat (almost fun). I'm sure you'll find that, once you get going, it really becomes second nature, and you can still eat lots of delicious food! :)

    I've read so much about Real Food Daily (I have their cookbook) and have always wanted to try it out. Your meal there sounds phenomenal.

    Best of luck with your blog and quest for allergy-free foods--I'll be visiting again to see how it's going. :)

  2. This sounds like a great place, Sarah! Wish we had one in Portland -

  3. I've heard about this place before, it sounds so good! I found your blog through twitter, we food allergy folks need to stick together! I have even more allergies on my list than you, believe it or not, so I understand. :) Good luck blogging, and I look forward to seeing what else you share!
    Best - Kim (@eatingfreely) | www.affairsofliving.com