Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fish Grill

Last night my friend Tiffany and I met for dinner. We were dead set on seafood, but wanted somewhere inexpensive and easy to get to. Solution? Fish Grill. We went to the one on Beverly Boulevard, but they have 3 locations total in L.A. and one in Malibu.

I had to stay away from the deep fried stuff, sandwiches, pasta and the fish tacos, but they have a section on their menu called "Mesquite Grilled Specialities". You can get salmon, skewers, ahi, trout, red snapper...there's a good variety. I ordered Sea Bass, and it came with rice and a garden salad. Everything tasted amazing and it was so basic! The Sea Bass was very tasty, I'd never tried it before! Caution: there was corn in the rice, but I was able to eat around it.

As long as you steer clear of the complimentary tartar sauce and salad dressings, you can enjoy a delicious allergy free meal! And you can get it to go! I spent around $15, but there are cheaper options as well.

Check it out online here:

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