Monday, June 21, 2010

A little change...

Hey all,

Seeing as I'm all into cooking now and am getting some real training in the kitchen, my parents, who will soon both be working 40 hours a week, have decided to hire me as their personal chef. I will be planning the meals, doing the shopping, and cooking dinner every night that I'm available to do so. Since this will be a new and probably challenging venture for me, I've decided to blog about it. I will continue to post recipes and review restaurants, but my main focus will be on my everyday experiences in the kitchen, sharing with you what I'm making, how it turned out, what the verdict was, etc.

I'll probably get started on this next week, so here's a little background about my family and what challenges I'll be facing as I do this. My mom is sensitive to wheat, dairy, sugar, chocolate, caffeine, corn, peanuts and dehydrated garlic and onions. As of today, she found out she has candida, which will eliminate sugar from her diet altogether, including honey, agave nectar, and some fruit. They also found that she has antibodies for gluten and casein, so full-on celiac may be a possibility. She's also supposed to lower her intake of grains in general. This new information is really going to challenge me; I love using fruit and honey as sweetners.

My dad, as far as we know, is just lactose intolerant. He also eats a low sodium diet because of cholesterol or kidney something or other. He's easy when it comes to restrictions, but he will be harder to please with new concoctions. Thankfully, he's open to me cooking and I'm hoping that this diet will improve his an my moms health either way.

As you know, I stay away from wheat, barley, spelt, amaranth, dairy, eggs, corn, potato, tomato, sugar, peanuts and oranges. I also may switch to gluten free oats, because if my mom has gluten antibodies, I might too (haven't been tested).

My house is going to see a real change in the way we eat. I'm about to become the food allergy nazi, I kid you not. So I can promise that my blog posts from now on will be both entertaining and enlightening and I hope you will enjoy following me along my journey!

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