Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Portland VegFest 2011 is Coming!!

Hi all!
I know not all my readers are vegan or even vegetarian, but I assume if you read my blog you love good, healthy food that makes you feel great! Maybe some of you are even a little veg-curious, but don't know much about plant based diets or aren't sure how to transition to one. It can definitely be intimidating to ask for answers from hard-core vegans (I'll admit...that scares me a little too!).

But hey, it doesnt have to be that way!! My recommendation? Come to Portland VegFest!! This two-day conference, held at the Oregon Convention Center, features guest speakers, chef demos, family activities, resturants and vendors, and best of all, free food! It's a great place to explore vegetarianism and get your burning questions answered.

I'm most excited to see Dr. Neal Barnard speak...he's an MD who specializes in healing the body through a whole foods, plant based diet and he's been featured on numerous talk shows like Ellen, plus he has a best selling book out. He'll be a fantastic resource for vegan and veg-curious attendees alike.

Also a plus for you veg-curious types, the documentary Forks Over Knives will be screened during the conference. This is the movie that convinced me to go vegan back in February! After seeing this movie, you'll have no doubt in your mind that veggie is the way to go. And don't worry, its not full of grotesque images of abused farm animals (although that tends to get the job done as well); its all about how your health can truly benefit from a plant based diet, and it shows success stories of people curing their diabetes and other chronic illnesses with this way of life. Very inspiring, and very cool!

Here's the info on the event, I truly hope you'll join me in attending this fabulous event! I've been looking forward to it for months :)

What: Portland VegFest 2011
Where: Oregon Convention Center
Date: Sept. 17-18
Time: 10am - 6pm
More info: Check out

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