Saturday, February 26, 2011

Masu Sushi

I got some devastating news recently...apparently, sushi rice generally has sugar in it! I always wondered why I was still getting kinda sick whenever I ate sushi. I really don't understand the need for Americans to hide sugar in literally EVERYTHING.

Don't worry though, this post bears good news. I found an awesome sushi place, called Masu sushi in SW Portland, that will custom make your sushi without the sugar laden sushi rice. In fact, all the sushi is made to order and the fish comes in fresh daily! Plus, they serve only top shelf sake and I've heard that their cocktails are killer. AND they have gluten free tamari!

I started my meal with a sea vegetable salad that is, no joke, the best I've ever had. Not nearly enough food cause I devoured it instantly, but it was the perfect appetizer for my sushi rolls.

For my main course, I ordered off their decent-sized vegetarian menu. I got the veggie maki which has avocado, sprouts, cucumber and burdock root, and the ume shiso roll which is pickled plum and shiso which is a japanese mint. The ume shiso was veeeeeeeeeerrry salty due to the pickled plums but I've been hearing how good they are for you so I had to try it. The veggie maki was awesome, I'm such a sucker for sushi with avocado. I was so tempted to order more after I finished but I was already stuffed.

I highly recommend you try this place out. In addition to the delicious food and drinks, its has a very classy upscale vibe and the wait staff is extremely knowledgable. I just love when restaurants make my life easier instead of harder! Kudos Masu :)

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